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"CHECKMATE is  fantastic novel by a woman who knows the intricacies of Washington. Well worth the read...it will get your heart pumping."
            --Vince Flynn, New York Times best selling author of KILL SHOT

As one of Amazon's bestselling thriller books, CHECKMATE is the story of a young scientist, Dr. Cameron Talbot, who works for a defense contractor just outside of Washington, D.C. She invents an incredibly low-cost technology to defend against cruise missiles. She needs support from skeptical company officers, funding from a reluctant Congress and help from The White House to develop her project. A member of the staff at the National Security Council, Lt. Col. Hunt Daniels, sees the potential of her scheme and wants to help incorporate it into the President’s missile defense system. The fact that he’s attracted to the brilliant scientist adds one more dimension.

But disaster is brewing overseas as militants in the disputed Kashmir region steal a series of cruise missiles from sympathetic members of the Pakistani military and launch the first one against India. At the same time, they send one of their agents to Washington, DC to steal the new technology so they can protect themselves when their enemies retaliate.

The scientist and NSC staffer find themselves enmeshed in terrorist plots and political wrangling. With scenes in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Capitol Hill, Georgetown restaurants and Washington dinner parties, as well as action in Kashmir, New Delhi and the Taj Mahal, the tension and intrigue escalate to....well, I wouldn't want to give away the ending!

When I put this story together, it was the culmination of my fascination with the whole concept of missile defense as President Reagan first outlined it during my sojourn in his White House. I wish he were alive today to see that his dream of missile defense is actually working! In fact, many facets in the story of CHECKMATE have now come true.





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