Karna Bodman


"GAMBIT" is a truly frightening story with the cystal ring of truth and authenticity; well written, well plotted, and as topical as a novel can get."
            --Nelson DeMille, New York Times best selling author of THE LION

The sequel to the political thriller, CHECKMATE, is GAMBIT which features the same characters, Dr. Cameron Talbot, the brainy expert on missile defense and Lt. Col. Hunt Daniels who serves on the National Security Council staff at The White House. When this, the second of my White House Thrillers, was featured on "The Today Show," they commented that instead of caling my novels, "fiction," perhaps we should call them "faction." I loved that line.  Now, in this story, Cammy and Hunt have an entirely new crisis to solve.

Three airliners have gone down in flames, but no one knows why. Nothing showed up on radar and no one is claiming responsibility. With the country in a panic and the economy taking a nose-dive, several defense contractors have yet to develop an effective missile defense system for the airline industry, so the White House once again turns to the beautiful young scientist to find a way to protect our planes from the mysterious threat.

As she races to develop a new defensive system, she finds herself enmeshed in international plots, political intrigue and a romantic triangle in the highest levels of government. She then comes to suspect that the downed planes are only the opening gambit in an ambitious campaign of conquest.

This story is based on a number of current events. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security does have contracts with a number of defense contractors to adapt military technology for use on commercial airplanes. They are doing exactly that. However, as yet, it hasn’t been deployed. GAMBIT shows what could happen while we wait.





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