Karna Bodman


"Written by a top White House staffer, FINAL FINESSE is a first-rate thriller packed with marvelous insider knowledge and richly drawn characters. I couldn't put down this electrifying, authentic and well-crafted novel."
        --Douglas Preston, New York Times best selling author of THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE

The third of my White House thrillers, FINAL FINESSE, introduces heroine, Samantha Reid, who is White House Director of Homeland Security.  She deals with national security threats on a daily basis. When a natural gas pipeline explodes in America’s heartland, she senses pending disaster and tries to convince reluctant officials to take action.

After several more explosions, Samantha teams up with Tripp Adams, Vice President of GeoGlobal Oil & Gas, owner of the pipelines, to investigate. As they race to solve the mystery of the sabotage and determine the motives of the shadowy group behind the havoc, Samantha and Tripp spend days…and nights…together, growing ever closer. Then Tripp is sent on a business trip to South America…and disappears.

Now Samantha must deal with political intrigue at the highest levels, finesse international plots and break all the White House rules as she races to find Tripp and stop the team of foreign agents before they carry out their final deadly scheme.






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