Karna Bodman

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The new, revised story of Final Finesse is the third in The White House National Security series which introduces Samantha Reid, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Homeland Security.  She teams up with Tripp Adams, VP of an oil and gas company to investigate the sabotage of pipelines in America’s heartland…explosions that threaten lives and cause havoc in the markets as well.

When Tripp is sent overseas on a business trip, he disappears.  Samantha must break all the rules to put a plan together to rescue him and also stop a team of foreign agents before they carry out their final deadly scheme.


“A first rate thriller packed with marvelous insider knowledge and richly drawn characters.  I couldn’t put down this electrifying, authentic, and well-crafted novel.”
  --Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author

“Verisimilitude means ‘the appearance of being true or real’ and Karna Small Bodman’s new novel has it in abundance. You will endure a good deal of nail-biting before you get to the end of this, not to mention the heart-stopping action surrounding the countdown.  With this book and its predecessors, author Bodman has successfully created a new subgenre: The Washington high-tech thriller.”
  --The Washington Times  






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