A bit of history – 1970’s        

Karna at KRON-TV

Reporting at KRON-TV San Francisco


Karna at KGO-TV

Anchoring at KGO-TV San Francisco


Karna with Jim Brady

With Jim Brady


Karna with Reagan

Meeting with the President


Karna on Air Force One

Aboard Air Force One


Karna wit President Marcos

With President Marcos


Karna in Briefing with Reagan

Briefing with the President


Karna with Pope John Paul II

Meeting John Paul II

        The Late 1990's    

Karna with Gorbachev

Summit with Gorbachev


Karna and husband Dick Bodman

With husband, Dick Bodman


“Gambit” named for my 2nd novel
and “Cammy” the heroine of that story

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